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Portable mini sealing Machine (Multicolor)

Portable mini sealing Machine (Multicolor)

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  • This mini bag sealer is a heat bag sealer, and also a bag opener. You can seal bags easily and keep your food fresh, also with the built-in sharp stainless steel blade to open the bags conveniently. 2-in-1 machine. Enjoy your fresh and crispy snacks.
  • built-in With a 400mAh battery, the rechargeable hot bond bag sealer comes with a micro USB cable(included), so there is no need to buy extra AA batteries for this chip sealer, save your money and protect the environment.
  • This food bag sealer is suitable for packages of chips, cookies, salad, pet foods, etc., as well as for packages of salad and vacuum bags, a must-have in daily life and kitchen cooking scenarios. Not for cling films, cellophane bags, kraft paper bags, or pure aluminum bags.
  • Compared with the old sealer machine, the powerful and efficient heating unit can quickly heat and keep to a working temperature of 0.1s. Turn on the switch, no need to wait, and the sealer directly seals the package firmly.
  • Easy To Place & Portable: With the magnet on the back, the delicate mini bag resealer can be attached to the refrigerator, space-saving in the house and not missing anymore. Only 0.2 pounds is also easy to carry outdoors for picnics, camping trips, etc.
The vacuum sealing process removes all of the air from your bags or containers so that you can preserve food longer without worrying about freezer burn ruining your favorite foods! The bag sealer also has the switch button function and supports USB charging! Never worry about the unsuitable battery and unstable voltage again.

The kitchen gadgets can resist food waste. It helps you store the remaining snacks, food, cookies, pet food, sauce bags, and nuts. This plastic sealer is suitable for chip bags, vacuum sealer bags, cookie bags, pet food bags, and other PP, PE, and PVC bags.

1.Fully charge the battery before use.
Plug the portable heat sealer into the power cord to starr charging. When charging, the indicator red light will be on for a long time, and when fully charged, the indicatior red ligjt will be off. At this point you can start using the product.

2. Open switch button
Toggle the push button forward to turn on the machine, the indicator light blue light is long.

3.Preheat the machine
Before the first use, it needs to be pressed for 5 seconds to warm up, and then it can be used. Please note that it only needs to be preheated before the first use, and it can be used directly afterwards.

4.Press to seal the bag
Then simply press the knob and make it move equably. along the edge of any bag and it's sealed airtight.

And it have hidden blade. Put the bag into the opening of the sealing machine; press down the button to open the bag and slide to the right to complete the opening.
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