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Rabbit Handle Rice Spoon (Pack of 2)

Rabbit Handle Rice Spoon (Pack of 2)

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  • The handle is a cute rabbit shape, thick and not hot, and more comfortable to hold.
  • The rice spoon can stand and no longer have to worry about the rice grains staining the tabletop, and it can save space.
  • Greatly saving storage space, the rice serving spoon features a vertical design for freestanding storage, and is designed with thick round handles for a comfortable grip.
  • The rice scooper is made of wheat straw and food grade PP. You can rest assured to use.
  • Suitable for rice, sushi rice and super sticky sweet rice,cheese and more. A must-have cute kitchen accessory for family, hotel, cafe, party, restaurant.
Cute rabbit rice spoon is made of special material and processing method, which can not stick to the rice grains, suitable for families, dining halls, restaurants, etc. You can give the standable station household spoon as a gift to your elders or parents, they will be happy.

Rice cooker spoon with curved bevel design, more convenient when serving rice, humanized design can also make the hand more comfortable. And the rice spoon is designed in three dimensions, so it can be placed in any position after serving rice.

Our portable rice spoon double-sided bump evenly distributed, embossed processing, high temperature resistance, so it will not stick to the rice, but also particularly easy to clean, a flush of water can be washed away, rice, is a good helper to serve rice.

The handle is thickened and anti-scalding, and the cute three-dimensional standing design gives a perfect corner to the rice spoon without any place. Heat resistant to 100 ° C, please keep away from fire and avoid baking.

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